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No one claims the simulation hypothesis is science, it’s not a scientific hypothesis.

Sabine says “The problematic part of Bostrom’s argument is that he assumes it is possible to reproduce all our observations using not the natural laws that physicists have confirmed to extremely high precision, but using a different, underlying algorithm which the program is running.”

“The natural laws that physicists have confirmed to extremely high precision” are approximations themselves. They never match the reality exactly, but with enough precision to be useful.

The possibility of existence of underlying algorithms of reality is proposed because…

Fuck. What Amazon did is not capitalism. This is some straight up CCP kind of fucking bullshit. Want to punish the criminals? THEN FIND THE CRIMINALS, DON’T CUT THE CORD, YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE RETARDED IMBECILE MONKEYS!

This has nothing to do with the criminals who used the thing for illegal actions. Ban fire.

Keep sucking the hairy balls of your masters, Amazon.

Plan C then: at some point we’ll have to make our own hardware.

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If you download the latest VXGI zip file version 2.0.1 released in 2018/06/01 from the official NVIDIA website:

with the exact location at:

and check's hash sum with sha256sum:


you can submit it to

and see this:

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Just in case of getting a false positive, I pressed the “Reanalyze file” button, but got the same result except now AegisLab detects this Razy trojan too:

Life on Earth didn’t start with complex organisms like human beings. In the beginning, Earth was full of degenerate retarded imbecile monkeys, incapable of any rational action or thought. To survive, these monkeys clamped into groups which we call today AMD, NVIDIA and INTEL.

I won’t diminish their achievements, I think converting sand and metal no life form gave a fuck about for hundreds of millions of years into a card one can stick into his / her PCI-E slot and explore mathematics, an approximation of the underlying code of the universe, is a positive change for our used-to-be-fucking-boring Solar…

You walk down the street and you see a lemonade stand, you get curious (TOO BAD, YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET SCAMMED!) and decide to come closer. On closer inspection, you notice that this is no ordinary lemonade stand, this one has a difference: the lemonade is in a box.

You: “This is a scam, there is no lemonade in the box.”

Seller: “No, there is.”

You: “No, there isn’t.”

Seller: “No, there is.”

You: “No, there isn’t.”

(A few hours later…)

You: “Alright, let’s assume there is a lemonade in the box. Why it’s so expensive? I won’t try it…

REDGPU, the best GPU API in the world, is pleased to announce that it is now an official contractor of Valve Software, the leading game developing company today, and the owners of Steam (a service for games and gamers to unite)!

Valve Software was founded in Bellevue, Washington in They quickly made their mark on PC gaming history with their debut title, Half-Life, a game which went on to receive numerous Game of the Year awards and is still widely regarded as one of the most influential FPS games ever made. Half-Life went on to spawn two official expansion packs…

TL;DR: a Valve employee and other people harass me on social media websites since I refused to delete my clone of Valve’s open source project because Valve pays programmers to implement and maintain Microsoft’s intellectual property they have no legal rights to copy.

It all started with a Github pull request to the REDGPU repository that had nothing to do with REDGPU at all:

“Some kid is having fun, I get it”, I thought to myself, closing the pull request.

But then I saw he tweeted at me this:

He repeated these tweets in the joking REDGPU…

Boy, who could’ve seen that coming? I have, a few years ago, when I started the REDGPU API. There are actually many other ways IHVs and OS vendors can attack you, a third-party software developer, and your work, when you depend on them. You yourself have willingly built a cage in which they hold you a hostage now.

“We’re all friends.” No. No we’re not. I’m not your friend, I’m not their friend, and you shouldn’t friend them too. We’re in capitalism, I pay you money and you give me a product with the advertised features, nothing more. I’m…


The best GPU API in the world.

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