NVIDIA’s VXGI zip file most likely has a virus in it

If you download the latest VXGI zip file version 2.0.1 released in 2018/06/01 from the official NVIDIA website:


with the exact location at:


and check GFSDK_VXGI_2.0.1.24257052.zip's hash sum with sha256sum:


you can submit it to virustotal.com:


and see this:

Just in case of getting a false positive, I pressed the “Reanalyze file” button, but got the same result except now AegisLab detects this Razy trojan too:

The Adaware malware detection software installed on my machine says that these two .exe files contained within the archive are the infected ones:



Here’s VirusTotal checks of both of these .exe’s that show the Razy trojan too:

GFSDK_VXGI_Sample_AmbientOcclusion-Release-D3D12-x64.exe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/efdabfe4c17f8d3af8c662e95200da68c48da21d9057e87da0bce95d0dffa793/detection

GFSDK_VXGI_Sample_AreaLighting-Release-D3D12-x64.exe: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5fad372114a22c8f5ecd4f08398e5f153414388848989ca2a02f83131d530a84/detection

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