Valve pays to harass me, or how Valve steals Microsoft’s intellectual property

TL;DR: a Valve employee and other people harass me on social media websites since I refused to delete my clone of Valve’s open source project because Valve pays programmers to implement and maintain Microsoft’s intellectual property they have no legal rights to copy.

It all started with a Github pull request to the REDGPU repository that had nothing to do with REDGPU at all:

“Some kid is having fun, I get it”, I thought to myself, closing the pull request.

But then I saw he tweeted at me this:

He repeated these tweets in the joking REDGPU pull request I previously closed.

I had so many questions that I can’t help myself but to list them all:

  • How did this guy learned my Twitter handle? I don’t hide it that good, but it’s hard to find from my Github profile alone. Try for yourself. Do I know him? No, not at all. Does he know me? Maybe? Maybe he saw my Twitter profile image that matches my Github profile picture before, maybe he had to Google for a keyword match between my Github and Twitter profiles, I don’t know. But he connected somehow that is the same person as Okay, the profile image gives it away, but how he ended up finding a “relativetoyou” Twitter handle is a mystery to me. Either he has a good memory, or he secretly followed me on Twitter, or he’s good at finding people on the Internet on different websites. All these three skills require some effort for a weird question he had to ask.
  • “I’d appreciate it if you deleted your d3d12/vkd3d repo”, he wrote. Have you ever seen a person looking for you on the Internet on different social media websites asking you to delete something of yours? I have a d3d12 Github organization that I created I don’t remember when, somewhere around 2017 (I think Github employees can confirm this?), way before Valve’s Proton even existed, I created it for my personal needs and stored there some other people’s open source code I found interesting at that time with some other files of mine. Now some guy that created a joking pull request on one of my repositories asks to delete my other repository. What?
  • “simply because it’s taking our project”, he wrote. “our”? Who are you, people? I assume “our” means he represents some group of people? But who are those people? My d3d12 organization had only one repository at the time he wrote those tweets: vkd3d. At the time, only one group of people and one other person could claim that it was their project, because only these people committed the code to vkd3d: the programmers behind winehq project (mainly the guy named Jozef Kucia), from which I initially cloned the repository ( and uploaded it to my d3d12 organization because it was not on Github at that time, and Hans-Kristian Arntzen, who continued to add code to his winehq’s fork ( after Jozef Kucia has died in a tragic accident.
  • Jozef Kucia, the only main programmer behind vkd3d project at the time, has died. The loss so great that for the next few months no one has committed anything major to vkd3d.
  • vkd3d was Jozef’s baby. But then a hero appears! Hans-Kristian Arntzen, a Valve employee and then a Valve contractor, have forked winehq’s vkd3d repository to his own Github profile, giving it the same name, vkd3d, which helped me to find it with Github’s search bar, and at that point I started to pulling the code from Hans-Kristian’s winehq fork, because he continued Jozef’s work. Great. A happy end of the story. Thank you for reading.
  • WHO IN THE WORLD IS JOSHUA ASHTON? The guy that first created a joking pull request on my REDGPU Github repository on my REDGPU Github organization, and then found me and asked me on Twitter to delete my other Github organization’s repository that hosted only Jozef Kucia’s and Hans-Kristian Arntzen’s open source code? At that time, I couldn’t 2 + 2 this, because I updated d3d12/vkd3d repository manually once a few months due to being busy with designing and programming the REDGPU API, and I missed the moment when a guy named Joshua Ashton started to contribute some code to Hans-Kristian Arntzen’s repository:
  • I missed the 42 commits Joshua Ashton has contributed to Hans-Kristian Arntzen’s repository while I was busy with REDGPU. Great. Now I know who he is. He is a new Valve hire, to help Hans-Kristian maintain vkd3d.
  • This is where it gets interesting. Joshua Ashton said to “shut the fuck up” to me. That was super weird. Have you ever seen a Valve employee that asks to delete your clone of Valve’s open source code, and when you refuse you get insulted by that employee? How many Valve employees do you know that tell people to “shut the fuck up” on the Internet? “What in the world are you doing here, kid?”, I thought. So I blocked him everywhere, on Twitter and Github. Great. A happy end of the story. Thank you for reading.
  • Now other people I never knew about or met before started to pop up and insult me out of nowhere:

I do swear on the Internet myself, but you will not find a single tweet where I directly insulted any of these people. I don’t even know them or interacted with them in any way ever, they just popped up and started to insult me, because I kept a clone of Valve’s open source code in my Github organization, how wild this is? To me, it’s pretty wild. I don’t believe in out of nowhere, not too far off between each other, attacks.

A large number of people liked those out-of-nowhere insult tweets and said other rude things to me on Twitter, for example:

At that point I didn’t know what was happening, it seemed to me that I hit some very sensitive nerve by just refusing to Joshua Ashton to delete a repository of mine. So I started questioning.

Why? Why would anyone care at all? Since I created my Github organizations in 2017, no one ever cared. What is so different now?

vkd3d is different. Jozef Kucia’s vkd3d had nothing to do with Hans-Kristian Arntzen’s vkd3d fork.

Hans-Kristian Arntzen and Joshua Ashton were paid by Valve to continue vkd3d after Jozef Kucia has died. I “potentially cause problems” not for them, but for Valve by associating the Microsoft’s name “d3d12” with “vkd3d” Valve paid for.

Money. Oh, of course it’s money. Valve doesn’t have any value outside of their own games, devices and store. How would you steal other people’s countless hard work, but in a way that would not point at you? For example, you want to run all the Windows games on your OS which is called, say, StreamOS, but you can’t, because you’d have to copy and implement Microsoft’s intellectual property called, for example, D3D12. How would you do that? Very simple! You pay open source programmers and tell them not to tell others that you’re paying them! This way it’s not you who implements D3D12, it’s them, the open source people you have nothing to do with!

The crucial part for this plan to work is to hide the traces. Never ever mention that you’re paying these open source programmers to copy and implement Microsoft’s intellectual property. Like, never. Make a proxy consulting company for them to work for called, I don’t know, “Arntzen Software” or something stupid like that, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that this proxy company will get your money indirectly so that no one could see the connection. This plan will work only if the employees of “Arntzen Software” will never be allowed to say that they work for you, will never be mentioned with your company name anywhere.

Oh no.

Oh God.

It can’t be…

…that the Internet…


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